About Us

Our Mission
  • Be a leader in the remediation and mitigation industry
  • Provide all customers with service that exceeds expectations
  • Be a composed and dependable presence in the midst of difficult and stressful situations
  • Using our experience, training and technology to quickly address the diverse needs of our customers
  • Educate and equip all of our team members to help them help our customers and receive satisfaction from the services that they provide

Who We Are

Our Director of Emergency Services, Bruce James, has worked at Flood Department for over 8 years. With a resume boasting over 8 ½ years in the remediation industry and an IICRC certification, Bruce is dedicated to going above and beyond for all of our customers.  

What We Do

At Flood Department, we know that water can do immediate and irreversible damage to your home and belongings, from warping wood floors to starting mold growth in carpets and ruining treasured belongings. When coping with the aftermath of a sudden and unexpected flood, whether from a ruptured water main,destructive heavy rainfall or a sewage back-up, it is essential to get the water removed as soon as possible to prevent harm to your property. Serious flooding can quickly overwhelm homes and businesses of any age, so you need the right partner. 

Once water has been removed, there can be lingering damage that needs tobe taken care of. Mold can rapidly take root in your carpet, flooring and drywall, leading to additional property damage and creating health hazards.Flood Department is equipped to perform mold remediation services for customers looking to reduce and remove mold from a property. We will work with the insurance company on behalf of our customers to remove one more thing from the stressful to-do lists that occur after a disaster.

Flood Department is available at any time and any day for emergency water removal and mold clean-up, regardless of the problem. We know that emergencies don’t only happen between 9:00 AM-5:00 PM, so we offer flexible emergency response services. Established in 2009 in Mount Airy, MD, Flood Department was founded with the simple goal of providing high-quality, reliable services to homeowners and business owners throughout the area. Since then we have continued to grow, expanding from emergency water removal into mold clean-up, biohazard clean-up and smoke damage repair across the Mid-Atlantic. 

Our years of diverse industry experience combined with industry-leading equipment and techniques ensure that we can remove water and dry out your property quickly and efficiently. Flood Department’s technicians are IICRC-certified, and we make a point of continuing to invest in the education and training of our staff to ensure that all techniques are cutting-edge. No other company offers the same level of expertise and rapid response time that Flood Department does.