October 10, 2018

How to Control Mold Before It Takes Over Your Home

Control Mold

Winter is rapidly approaching, which means that dark nights and damp, chilly weather are on the way. As you close the windows and kick on the heat, the air quality in your home can go downhill rapidly. Without fresh air coming into your home and with damp air lingering, mold can become an issue. How can you take steps now to control mold before it takes over your home this winter?

Identify Problem Areas

You can’t mold-proof your entire home to control mold, but you can work to make things more resistant to mold. Take a walk around your house and keep your eyes peeled for problem areas. Does your basement flood on a regular basis? Is there condensation on a window in your bedroom? What about water stains on the ceiling? Work with a mold remediation expert like Flood Department to see where problems are and identify solutions. Fixing the problem now can prevent it from getting worse because mold will never go away on its own.

Dry Wet Spots Right Away

Mold needs moisture to grow, so any wet spots in your home should be taken care of as soon as they appear. If there is water in your basement after a rainstorm or even a spill of water on your carpeting, you should make sure that it is fully dry within 24 hours. If flooding has occurred, you should have a water remediation company take care of removing the water and also remove any water-damaged textiles and drywall.

Use the Right Ventilation

What ventilation do you have in areas of your home with high levels of moisture, like your kitchen and bathroom? Each of those rooms should have overhead ventilation, like a fan, and any moisture-producing appliances like clothes dryers should also be ventilated outdoors. If you need to use a humidifier to maintain the humidity in your home, you should regularly check to make sure that moisture levels are not too high. In general, the humidity levels in your home should be between 30-60%. Not sure how to check it? Grab a moisture meter from the hardware store, and it will let you know. 

Control Mold with Flood Department

Flood Department can complete a wide range of mold removal, flood damage restoration and crime scene clean-up services. To learn more about our services and get your water damage problem taken care of before it becomes worse, give us a call at 301-829-2600.

October 10, 2018 Mold