Crime Scene

My Property Is a Crime Scene: Now What?

No property owner ever wants to deal with the stress, trauma and ugly realities of a crime scene. The aftermath of a violent crime is not pretty, and if a crime occurs at your place of business or your home, you need to take steps to restore the property back to normal as quickly as possible. So, now what? Notify the Proper Authorities You should always call the authorities before doing anything else. Never move things around at a crime scene, unless someone is in immediate danger. Wait for police and paramedics to arrive before you attempt to start the clean-up process and follow any instructions that the police give you. If the building is sealed while the crime is investigated, you will need to find temporary housing if it is your home. You may also want to make an insurance claim, depending on how much business you lose and the funds needed to restore things. Call a Crime Scene Cleanup Service Once the scene has been cleared, your next step should be calling a crime scene cleanup company like Flood Department. Under no circumstances should you attempt to clean the scene yourself. The scene will contain numerous dangerous biological contaminants, like blood and bodily fluids. Bacteria and viruses like Hepatitis, HIV and C-diff all survive in blood, and coming into contact with the pathogens could harm you or someone else. Trauma cleanup can take care of decontaminating and deodorizing the scene. All crime scene cleanup workers are trained in proper remediation methods and have professional equipment, chemicals and tools to safely treat anything left behind. While we can never remove the horrors that happened at your place of business or house from your mind, we can remove every trace of them from your property. Keep Information Together You should […]

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