October 24, 2018

A Look at the Timeline of Water Damage

water damage

When water trickles into your home during a flood or when a pipe bursts, how much time do you have to prevent water damage? Many homeowners and business owners are surprised to learn that in a fairly short amount of time, irreversible damage can be done.

In the First Hour

The moment that your home starts to flood, the water will move in using the path of least resistance. As it pools and continues to accumulate, it will saturate everything in its path including flooring, textiles and other porous items. The stains and finishes on furniture could be released and lead to staining on carpets, flooring and textiles once the water has receded. Any moisture-sensitive furniture with a finish could turn white or have a cloudy appearance. Any paper goods can be ruined in less than an hour of exposure to water.

In the First 24 Hours

The smell of your home will morph from something pleasant to something more musty and sour. The drywall in the home will start to swell and decompose. Any unprotected metal surfaces will start to tarnish, and finished furniture can start to crack. If textiles or paper goods that are dyed are in contact with the water, the dye can seep and cause permanent staining.

In the First 48 Hours-1 Week

In a prolonged flooding situation, after 48 hours mold, mildew and other contaminants have begun to flourish. Unprotected metal will start to rust, corrode and pit. Furniture will warp and become irreparably damaged. Paint on the walls and on furniture will blister, and any adhesives will decay and lose strength. Studs, casings, windows and doors will all swell with water and warp. Wood flooring will also expand and warp or buckle as a result. 

It’s Important to Call for Water Damage Remediation Right Away

Does that rapid timeline of events frighten you? It’s important to have the right water damage remediation company on your side to prevent bigger problems from occurring. Flood Department has a great deal of experience in water removal, mold remediation and hurricane clean-up. If you are dealing with the aftermath of a storm or flood, you know who to call!

Flood Department can complete a wide range of mold removal, flood damage restoration and crime scene clean-up services. To learn more about our services and get your water damage problem taken care of before it becomes worse, give us a call at 301-829-2600.