August 8, 2018

The Signs of Mold in Your Home

Signs of Mold

You’re suddenly sneezing when your seasonal allergies aren’t acting up, there’s a musty smell in the air and there might be a spot of mildew in your shower. What are all of these signs telling you? There might be a mold problem in your home. Catching mold early is essential to successful remediation, so keep your eyes peeled for these signs of mold in your home.

The Warning Signs of Mold in Your Home

  1. Allergy-like symptoms including sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose or persistent congestion
  2. Cold or flu-like symptoms that improve when you are not at home
  3. A musty scent that lingers in your home
  4. Visible mildew growth, regardless of what color it is and where it is located
  5. Water leaks, which often mean that there is mold growth near the site of the leak
  6. Visible water damage, which indicates that water lingered in an area and potentially allowed mold to take root
  7. Condensation on the inside of your windows that can indicate high humidity levels and a build-up of moisture
  8. Serious physical and neurological symptoms including difficulty concentrating, headaches, a short attention span, dizziness and memory loss

If You Think You Have a Problem

What can you do if you have one or more of the warning signs listed above? Start by hiring a professional, like Flood Department, to test your home. It’s better to hire someone for testing you discover is unnecessary than to wait until mildew has grown in your home and you need to undertake major remediation efforts. The cost of testing is much less than the cost of tearing up walls and starting from scratch.

If your test is positive, it doesn’t mean you need to panic! Most homes have a small amount of mildew present in high-moisture areas like the bathroom or the kitchen. However, if you have a real problem on your hands, you will need to utilize professional remediation services. When Flood Department works on a remediation project, we don’t just treat the problem. Instead, we go above and beyond to identify the underlying cause so that mildew will not immediately reoccur once we’re all done.

Fix Your Mold Problem with Help from Flood Department

Flood Department can complete a wide range of mold removal, flood damage restoration and crime scene clean-up services. To learn more about our services and whether or not you have a problem on your hands, give us a call at (301) 829-2600.