Trauma Clean-Up

In the aftermath of tragedy, it’s hard to know what to do. Flood Department can assist with the clean-up post-trauma and restore your home or business and help you move forward. Crime scenes, hazardous sites and other properties where trauma has taken place require special clean-up methods. Removing blood, tissue and other biohazards from an area can pose serious health risks if you don’t know what you are doing.

We Know How to Restore Your Property

Our empathetic team is highly professional and trained in dealing with the aftermath of tragic events. We can manage clean-ups quickly and easily without causing further damage to the property or additional stress on those affected. Our technicians are all familiar with local laws and regulations, and every team member is fully certified for biohazard handling, removal and disposal.

Smoke Damage Clean-Up

Smoke Damage Remediation Services
Depending on the severity of the smoke and fire damage, Flood Department can perform any of the following procedures:
  • Pressure-washing the exterior including walls, roof, windows and decking
  • HEPA-vacuuming attics and basements
  • Wiping down and thermal fogging attics and basements with an odor-removing solution
  • Installing air scrubbers with charcoal filters strategically throughout the property to clean and purify the air
  • HEPA-vacuuming and wiping down ceilings, floors, cabinets and upholstery with a soot-removal and neutralizing solution  
The Smoke Damage Clean-Up Process

After receiving a call or contact from you, we will contact you and arrange for service immediately. 

One of our professionals will go to your home or business to begin the mitigation process. By responding quickly, we can reduce the amount of damage that your property suffers.  

A uniformed Flood Department team member will walk through your home or business to assess the damage and speak with you about the process.

We will create a remediation plan and communicate with any insurance agencies involved. 

We will begin the remediation and clean-up process using industry-leading techniques and innovative equipment.

We will work with you to restore your home or business back to wonderful condition and let you get back to life as normal.