4 Ways to Prevent Winter Water Damage

water damage

Snow and ice go hand in hand with winter water damage for many Maryland homeowners, as the freeze-thaw cycle and cold pipes wreak havoc on properties. Thankfully, there are many small steps you can take to prevent winter water damage from costing you a fortune this season. Use a Leak Detection Device A small water leak can cause a tremendous amount of damage if it is not caught in a reasonable amount of time. Leak detection devices can be installed near appliances like water heaters, dishwashers, sinks and refrigerators. These will sound an alarm if moisture is detected. If you invest in a higher-end detector, some come equipped with smartphone apps that can send you push notifications the moment that an uptick in water usage or moisture is detected. Turn Off the Water Are you leaving town for the holidays? You should always turn off the main water supply before you leave town to prevent water loss from occurring. If your water supply is off, you won’t need to be worried about a burst pipe or persistent leak while you are miles away. Inspect Your Exterior Another common cause of winter water damage lies outside of the home. Before any snowstorm or precipitation, you should inspect your gutters for leaves and other debris. If there is build-up in gutters, the water might overflow and send water down the side of the house or under the roof instead of draining it away. The time before winter is also your best bet for completing a roof inspection. Any shingles that are missing or damaged should be replaced before snow falls, or water could creep into the roof and cause damage. Protect Your Pipes If you have access to pipes in your home, you should insulate them with pipe insulation. When it’s cold […]

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